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In an Excel User Form, you can create drop down lists by using the Combo Box control.

We'd like the Combo Box lists to be created automatically, when someone opens our User Form.

MSDN Proposed Solution Here's the sample code where the Engisneers at Microsoft show how to do this: Link to MSDN displaymember sample Microsoft's sample, which uses the outdated control, because as it states: - Display Member : Gets or sets the property to display for this List Control.(Inherited from List Control.) - Simple Solutions, Ain't So Simple All of this, because Microsoft provides such simple solutions. Value Member = "Species"; Even though I varied the order in which I set the properties the designer generated the same code. I struggled with this issue and resolved the event issue by wiring the event in code after binding the combobox to the datasource.Look into the Net Mass Downloader and you could probably debug exactly what happens. Net Framework Source Code At Once Without Any Visual Studio Installed , Enables Offline Debug In VS 2008, VS2008 Express Edition,2005 And Code Gear Rad Studio.[^] MSDN INotifty Property Changed Sample I then checked out the sample on MSDN: Link to MSDN INotify Property Changed sample That did not fix the problem. But, that caused me to notice the comments on the MSDN code, which indicate that the MSDN sample is incorrect.

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Hey, all you have to do is set the Regarding the lack of documentation, I think that's because in this case, Microsoft is deferring to 'common sense'. This code insinuates that setting the Data Source first is indeed the correct sequence, even though it might not adequately be documented. The other problem I encounter is that filling the combobox with afew thousand items takes too long!

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