Updating tom tom go dating site pn

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Updating tom tom go

It can be installed on micro or SD card and run alongside the original software on your gps.

Everyday or professional drivers load real-time traffic information and then they are grouped by Tom Tom in available updates for download.

We actually released a new update to this app yesterday, that we are rolling out to our global user base in stages.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates to the app as this features many new features and improvements.

support enables users to access the Tom Tom app from their dashboard display in vehicles equipped with Apple's software platform, complete with new lane guidance functionality that helps users avoid missing turns and last-second merges by zooming in on their lane as they approach an intersection or exit.

Unfortunately, the i Phone app's route bar is not available on at this time: Hi Dirk, unfortunately, the ® User Interface templates do not allow for the route bar in its current form.

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Sometimes you can get a good discount on price but you must stay close on Tom Tom Maps promotions.