Updating an older bathroom ex dating other men

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Most travertines have warmer, creamier colours which are well-suited to almond. However, things add up FAST when you’re updating/renovating, so if you’d rather keep your budget at a dull roar, check out these tile-choosing tips…

There is a certain pressure that comes with owning an older home to "be true to the era". On one hand, it makes sense to try to match updates to the era the home was built in.

In our last home, we had a bathroom with bone coloured fixtures and when we redecorated, the budget did not allow for updating it with white.

However, our budget DID allow for 2 bottles of wine which helped me come to terms with the fact that we couldn’t afford to replace it.

Detailed TIP: Also in the bathroom, you can make a small green corner of home plants, placed on self-made coasters, or buy an artificial wall, laid out of tiles, actually painted.

This method of painting is the perfect solution if there is no money for real tile.

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The content of the article: In fact, the bath and washbasin can be paintednot only in black, but in any chosen color. But even such a small change can make a huge difference in shaping the new style of the room.

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