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Thai uk dating agency

We always refer to our business in our full registered name that being Thai Personal Connections Ltd.As a long-term resident of Bangkok, I’ve met a number of western men over the years who were in Thailand specifically to find a Thai girlfriend or Thai wife.Some were here for a few months or longer, while a few were only in Bangkok for a couple of weeks.During that time, they all hoped to meet a Thai woman they were compatible with and, hopefully, get married.All our ladies are genuine in seeking love and marriage with a western gentleman Click on the box below to view ladies in age groups Do take time to look at all age groups as a Thai ladies looks and charm is not always reflected by her age.Most ladies look much younger than their age compared to western standards We take time to check the background of all our ladies for your safety and future happiness.

You will likely meet hundreds of Thai women while you’re doing that and with some Thai women actively wanting a ‘farang boyfriend’ (western boyfriend), you could end up meeting someone you really like.2.Some of the cheaper agencies are sometimes the best – I know two western men (one American and one Brit) who met their wives through a Bangkok dating agency and neither of them paid more than 0 for the introduction.Both also said the Thai agency owner had obviously done her homework as she introduced them to several women that were quite compatible and all seemed to be hard-working ‘normal Thai women’ with jobs in schools, offices and department stores.That’s because there are a number of unscrupulous dating agencies in Bangkok that will set you up with extremely unsuitable women, will promise you the world and deliver nothing, or in some cases even tell you to lie to your country’s embassy if things do work out and embassy officials want to know where you met your soon-to-be-wife.I met one man who had paid an agency more than ,000 for introductions to five Thai women.

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With many western men coming to Thailand to meet women by signing up with a dating agency in Bangkok, however, is this really the way to go?

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