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Sex naughty flirts

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In this light romantic comedy, 17-year old Loretta Young is cast as Ann Harper, a wealthy socialite who has inherited a fortune provided the family is involved in no scandals appearing in ...

It's a classic case of opposites attract - with a dash of Taming of the Shrew.

The two are instantly drawn to each other starting when the lawyer, Alan Ward (Paul Page), - studiously attending a session of night court at the police station - first lays eyes on the naughty platinum blonde.

These dark characters hope to recover from the loss of their fortune in the stock market crash.

Sherwood Nash is a swindler who bootlegs Paris fashions for sale at cut-rate prices.

His assistant Lynn poses as An American interested in a dress and Snap conceals a camera in his cane. See full summary » Coquettish socialite Kay Elliott has set her cap for Alan Ward, an associate in her father's law firm.

But while pursuing Alan, she must fend off the advances of a greedy fortune-hunter, who is aided and abetted by his equally voracious sister.

"The Naughty Flirt" is a delightful period piece that evokes the (relatively) care-free life many of the very rich maintained even in aftermath of the 1929 stock market crash.

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