Responses to are you dating anyone

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Random questions can be a great way to add some quirkiness to introductions or a conversation.

These are best used when each person gets a different question because they intentionally break people’s expectations with an abstract question in the midst of a variety of other questions.

" This is a friendly, polite answer that's suitable for coworkers, clients, and acquaintances that you haven't seen in a while.

Just ask one of the below “get to know you” questions…So your profile’s generated a bit of a buzz on the online dating scene; you’ve been winked at, sent an email or maybe someone’s initiated a conversation. While you might be feeling uncertain about how to respond on dating sites, fear not.In this article, we’ll show you fool-proof answers which are sure to get the ball rolling when it comes to dating.Winking indicates you appreciate them getting in touch and that you’re inviting them to make further contact.If someone has taken the time to email you and ask questions, it’s important that you reply with the same care and consideration.

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I recommend skipping the greeting and going right to the body of the email. Mention one or two things that stood out the most in their profile, and why it resonated with you.