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Pedro Santiago-Rivera and Reichard & Escalera on brief for appellees. Given the holding in Pagán, dismissal on remand by the District Court of appellant ARCAM Pharmaceutical Corporation's (“ARCAM”) claims was inevitable.

Plaintiffs alleged that Faría and Pellot were the vehicles through which Calderón exerted undue influence over BDE's directors in order to prevent BDE from granting ARCAM's loan request.

After reviewing ARCAM's arguments and the record, we affirm the District Court's dismissal of the suit.

Politician who was the Governor of Puerto Rico from 2001 to 2005. She was married three times– to Francisco Gonzalez, Adolfo Krans, and Ramon Cantero Frau– and had three children.

She is a Libra and was born in the Year of the Horse . Sila was born in 1940s, in the middle of Silent Generation generation.

After this Court's decision in Pagán, the remaining claims of the underlying Complaint, if alive at all, were on life support.

In Pagán, we had before us Calderón's appeal of the District Court's denial of her motion to dismiss all claims against her on the grounds of qualified immunity.

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Now before us is ARCAM's last-gasp appeal of the District Court's dismissal of its remaining claims against Pellot and Faría. 1249, 1256 (2006) (Dictum is superfluous content-“an assertion in a court's opinion of a proposition of law which does not explain why the court's judgment goes in favor of the winner”).

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