Radiometric dating questions and answers

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Radiometric dating questions and answers

And yet, there is really no scientific reason proving that radiometric dating is correct, and a number of evidences showing that it doesn’t work. We’ll find that faith in materialism, and rejection of any supernatural activity, is the foundation stone of radiometric analysis, even before any measurements are made.Most people, even the experts in the field, forget the assumptions on which radiometric dating is based.Knowing the actual date of an event allows us to say exactly how old something is or how long ago it actually took place. What can radiometric dating tell us about the age of rocks that the Law of Superposition cannot?Radiometric dating tells us how old the rocks are whereas the Law of Superposition can only be used to determine the relative age 3.” This article addresses that question, which represents the thinking of a large number of people today.Certainly the majority of scientists accept radiometric dating.For those who would like more details, these systems are briefly described in the boxes on the following pages.

All of these dating methods begin with some radioactive isotope such as U-238, U-235, Th-232, K-40, or Rb-87. These elements are naturally radioactive, that is, they spontaneously emit an alpha or a beta particle and, as a result, are transformed into some different element, called the “daughter” isotopes.In almost every case of a discrepancy, the fossil dates were accepted as correct. Woodmorappe quoted one researcher as saying: In general, dates in the ‘correct ball park’ are assumed to be correct and are published, but those in disagreement with other data are seldom published nor are discrepancies fully explained.2 When these reports did discuss the possible causes of errors, they used words such as “possibly,” “perhaps,” “probably,” “may have been,” etc.Reasons given usually involved detrital intrusion, leakage or leaching of some of the isotopes in the sample, and sometimes the initial isotopic content of the sample.Experimental Errors The methods that give ancient ages produce almost as many “wrong” answers as “right” ones.The “correct” answer is chosen on the basis of stratigraphic sequences, that is, what kinds of fossils are buried nearby.

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