Problems updatingtoadualcorecpunot anymore

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Problems updatingtoadualcorecpunot anymore

Though given LR4 just came out today , LR5 is probably sometime away. I thought they learnt there lesson for this pro-sumer grade stuff when they made LR3 both versions the same price. But they do, and I reckon you don't want to have to use the English-Hindi dictionary every time you have to call support or ask them for consultancy for your livecycle server or talk to sales for the 30 CS 5 Master Edition boxes you plan to lease ... They don't need help with servers or 30 seat licences.

Why screw people on an upgrade to a 2 install home licence? It costs virtually nothing extra to provide this service to Australian customers.

I might have a look at moving in a couple of betas time though – I have been really impressed by the image quality and ease of adjustment. I *may* be ignoring my own advice, and editing a 12 hour wedding shoot in LR4. The crop tool seems to change aspect ratio randomly. Upgrade from LR3 is USD also with free shipping. the page says 9, but if you attempt to checkout it wants to charge you 9).

Adobe AU website, the LR3 page is now down but the LR4 page is not availiable but assume it will be along shortly. You have to upgrade your catalogue (which you cant do in the beta, iirc).

Is this two seperate sliders to replace the single recovery one? Highlight and Shadow adjustments working very nicely. NOTE: You can switch between process versions, and doing so will also switch the controls that are available to you. It brings the power of PS' levels to LR – the ability to choose, easily, whether or not to clip the white or blacks without screwing with curves. A one click conversion that doesn't look like contrast free arse. Not only in the amount of control, but also the subtlety – the smoother tones, the colour is much better, shadow noise is better. Do Adobe expect you to buy a brand new copy if you have LR3? Wonder what the deal is if you go buy LR3 today, not knowing that a new version is a couple of months away? I imagine a similar pricing for LR3 to LR4 will apply, but I'm not sure what would happen for LR2 users (likely cut off). yep, public beta will 'expire' once the final release comes out, unless you can find a way of blocking it talking to adobe servers ;) had a play last night & the LR4 beta seems stable enough to use instead of LR3 I'm not too sure about that: I have seen a bunch of issues that would prevent it from being my main editing platform – arrow keys not working, major lag before switching modules, that kind of thing. I brings up the levels smoothly and sweetly, without blowing the highlights to hell and back. Oh how do I love having a flat baseline point curve. Basically, set exposure, tweak, shadows/highlights and bang! I like Lightroom 4, the quality is definitely a step up! On the plus side, localised noise reduction is a good thing. The changes to the Develop module, combined with the new process version, are pretty damn amazing. Out of interest, how does the upgrade from LR3 to LR4 expected to work – payment wise? If Beta 1 just came out, and it is in the shape it's in, and they point out that things will still change, I'd say there's a good 4-6 months left before we see full retail. The exposure slider is so, so, so much better to use. Way less funky colour shifting when using the sliders – as anyone who has used LR3's recovery slider will appreciate. Only in a beta, it can't even use the same catalogue as Lightroom 3.Time and effort are identical all over the planet – charges are different for exactly the same service. Point is, despite what the battlers on au think, businesses set prices on what people are willing to pay.If Australians will pay a hundred bucks and Americans only 80,then what motivation does adobe have to charge less? The only reason Adobe would lower p is if doing so would increase q.

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