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In an effort to sort through the lingo being bantered about by both the adult stars and the journalists covering them, we’ve compiled this glossary of very adult terms. If you know it's a slang term for bisexual, 5 points.

While it’s by no means exhaustive, our porn mini-dictionary will hopefully help you navigate the decidedly X-rated conversations at the Venetian’s center bar and clue you in to what the saucy blonde meant when she asked if you would give her a facial. ATM -- In the porn industry, this doesn't mean a bank cash machine.

DP -- Stands for double penetration, and it typically means having two different males’ parts inserted at the same time into both of a woman's, uhh... Femdom -- Abbreviation for "Female Dominance," describes sexual activities in which a female is dominant over partners that may be male or female, also referred to in the non-porn, mainstream world as marriage. The guy takes his arms and puts them under her arms and behind her neck. RTF -- This is the backwards version of another popular position, "R" stands for reverse, the T stands for something that rhymes with "bitty" and the "F" stands for something that rhymes with "buck." You get it, now? Skiing -- When a girl is in the middle of two guys, simultaneously "pleasuring" them with her hands. Spinner -- An adult actress or prostitute with a tiny frame, usually very thin and having small breasts.

Fluffer -- Person who arouses pornographic actors on set in order to prepare them to perform. She's holding her legs back behind her head, and he's pushing her face down to the action, making her watch. It's funny because I recently discovered it a couple years ago and never knew it existed. Power tools -- Electric or battery-operated tools (think Home Depot) that can be used in sex play, although this was not their original function; think a power drill augmented with an adult toy attached to the end. Queening -- Sitting on the side of a person's face as a form of bondage, or as a really uncomfortable, uhh... Roman Showers -- Vomiting on partner, usually after drinking urine or wine. The guy uses his partner’s breasts, for, uh, fun, while he places his bottom on her face. The man would purportedly be able to "spin" the woman around on his erect manly part. Stranger On The Rocks -- Numbing your hand with a bucket of ice before masturbating. Three-Eyed Turtle -- Filling all orifices of a female by putting a thumb in her bottom, fingers in her, well, you know where, and the male organ in her mouth.

So, if you're doing the math at home, that's four guys, two holes, and what must be one very uncomfortable female participant.

If the "TM" in ATM stands for "to mouth" then you can probably figure out what "A" stands for.

The saving grace is that both men and women were found to enjoy talking dirty to each other – so it just comes down to finding a balance…

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We had a friend back in college who was a chubby chaser, so we know there must be some audience for this. Candaulism -- Let's go to Wikipedia again for this one: "a sexual practice or fantasy in which a man exposes his woman, or pictures of her, to other people for their voyeur pleasure." It can also mean an appreciation on the part of a spouse of watching his or her partner have sex with someone else.

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