Open graph error validating access token herpes swingers dating

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Open graph error validating access token

Maybe you want to store token on DB and override this method to return the stored value.

Obtain an access token for user based on and you can act on behalf of the user.

It sends POST request with method=delete query parameter when DELETE request fails. Generates and returns the name of cookie that is set by JS SDK on client side login.

I know it's weird, but sometimes DELETE fails and POST with method=delete works. This value can be parsed as signed request and the parsed data structure contains 'code' to exchange for acess token. Creates and returns Facebook:: Open Graph:: Response.

This method is called in so you don't usually use this method directly.

Handles fields parameter and format it in the way Graph API spec states.

If Facebook Platform version is set on initialisation, that value is prepended to the path. See the detailed flow at Optional values are shown at and you can make request on behalf of your application.

directly as long as you are using requesting methods that are provided in this module.The document says "The Batch API is flexible and allows individual requests to specify their own access tokens as a query string or form post parameter.In that case the top level access token is considered a fallback token and is used if an individual request has not explicitly specified an access token." that sends DELETE request to delete object on Facebook's social graph.This access token never expires unless you reset application secret key on App Dashboard so you might want to store this value within your process like below...Or you might want to use Cache:: Memory:: Simple or something similar to refetch token at an interval of your choice.

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Accessor method that returns Facebook Platform version.

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