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Mikogo offers a free screen sharing software solution, which thousands of companies worldwide use to facilitate their online meetings and web conferences.

Webinars have become increasingly popular in recent years, with presenters aiming to build an audience of target buyers.

While the salespeople or presenters benefit from the real-time communications channel that web conferencing offers, the audience benefits from a convenient educational platform.

A webinar offers the audience a great source of information, whether it is used for company highlights, information, or product features.

Particularly important for instructional purposes, free screen sharing allows instructors to share solutions and demonstrations step-by-step.

Companies selling software can benefit from using free screen sharing solutions for demos or for training purposes, while individuals can use it to get remote support.

Web conferencing benefits both the facilitators and the audience.

This reduces the travel time while increasing productivity for the users.

Additionally, since free screen sharing enables the invited participant to see the screen of the presenter, the participants can learn a lot faster than had they only used email or a phone call.

Today online meeting software is far more advanced.

Mikogo offers a way for meeting participants to join an online conference or web meeting directly through a web browser, without any downloads or additional plugins – 100% browser based.

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Many webinars are scheduled during the lunch hour, or after hours, which provides the ideal opportunity for attendees who wish to benefit from learning about new topics, opportunities, and technologies without leaving their desks.