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Regardless of which colour you choose, you get a TPU sport band included with the base model (£82), although this only comes in translucent grey.There’s also a leather band option (£98), which has a black band with the black model and a grey band with the rose gold.Misfit’s trackers have always used a points-based system to track your activity – and it makes a return here.It’s not drastically different to counting steps, as is the case with other trackers such as those from Fitbit.This could mean 1 hour 9 minutes of walking, a 31-minute run or 23 minutes of swimming – or a combination of any of them.It’s a good motivator to be more active, even if it is rather rudimentary.So while you can add a Yoga activity, it’s purely as a record rather than adding to your tally.The Misfit Ray can also be worn for swimming, and usefully the app will tell you what you need to do in order to hit your day’s target.

Not quite as long as the Withings Go, but a commendable amount of stamina nevertheless.Misfit was recently bought by Fossil, known for its outlandish watch designs, and perhaps that’s why the Ray departs from the circular design used for Misfit’s other trackers and has taken the form of a small metal cylinder no bigger than your average pen lid.It has a premium feel, made from anodised aluminium with a brushed finish that’s currently available in either black (which is, in reality, more of a grey) or rose gold. Instead, there’s a subtle multicoloured LED tucked behind a small slit about 3mm long.There will be necklace accessories that allow you to wear the Ray as a pendant.Accessory packs will cost around £30, though, so customisation doesn’t exactly come cheap.

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To attach the band, you simply screw it into the opposite ends of the cylindrical tracker.

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