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Mirroring behavior dating

When you’re conscious of this process, you can actually use body language to increase attraction and rapport.

Keep this in mind; we’ll be returning to this idea a few times.

Just as skilled conversationalists can direct where a conversation goes, when you’re consciously in synch with someone, you can go from mirroring them to prompting .

This is one of the reasons why it’s important to emphasize commonalities with people you’re interested in; the more we feel like the other person “gets” us, the more we feel connected to them.

It takes surprisingly little time to build rapport this way; if you do it right, you may end up making someone feel like they’ve known you forever even though you met five minutes ago.

The next step is to not just synch with them but to lead.

If she’s shifted her weight to lean against a wall, then lean up against it as well.

If she gestures with her hands when she talks, make similar gestures when talk.

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