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Microsoft updating beta tester

You’ll automatically become eligible to join more and more Insider content previews based on your interests, tenure as an Xbox Insider, Xbox Insider XP score, and activities you participate in.Note Only previews you're eligible to participate in will appear in Insider content. Note that the available Update Preview ring(s) you can register with will be based on your Xbox Insider XP score and tenure in the program.Tell us what you love, what you could do without, and what you want more of by completing quests, surveys, quick polls, and reporting problems directly to developers.As an Xbox Insider, you’ll decide your level of involvement and what content to pursue – whether it’s on PC or Xbox One or focused around system updates or games.If you’ve already sold or gifted your Xbox, you can launch the Xbox Insider Hub on another console or a Windows 10 PC and follow these same directions.Note: This process typically takes about 10 minutes to complete.The same steps apply if you intend to keep your console but no longer wish to participate as an Xbox Insider and would like to unenroll your console from the program.After electing to remove a console, it may take up to 72 hours before the removal is complete, during which time you may still receive console, game, or app updates.

How do the Xbox One Update Preview rings differ and how do I change rings?If you’ve been invited to more than one ring, you can switch between them from the Xbox Insider Hub. Not all previews will be available to all Xbox Insiders.The current Xbox One Update Preview rings are: Do I need to join Xbox One Update Preview to participate in game or app previews available through the Xbox Insider Program? While some game or app previews may be offered only to users in a specific Xbox One Update Preview rings due to a game or app’s dependency on a system update version newer than the current public update, many games and apps are made available to Xbox Insiders regardless of enrollment in an Xbox One Update Preview ring. Participants can be eligible for previews based on a variety of factors, which may be different for each Xbox Insider preview.I stopped participating in the Xbox Insider Program. If you can’t find it there, look for it in the Store.If you previously participated in the Xbox Insider Program on PC and have since uninstalled the app, simply search for “Xbox Insider Hub” in the Store. Can I use that to participate in the Xbox Insider Program? Just install the Xbox Insider Hub from the Ready to Install list in My games & apps.

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Note You’ll need to know the serial number or name of your previous console to ensure you remove the correct Xbox device.