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Next, we’ll discuss the options available to you, ranging from check processing, credit card processing, and other electronic payment options.Accepting all major credit cards and checks can help you diversify your payment types and add more options for your customers.Accepting echecks at checkout in addition to cards gives members another convenient way to pay.And increases the lifetime value of customers by stabilizing cash flow from recurring payments.In addition, the versatile partner search options creates a better overall experience.Paid online dating websites are seldom targeted by fraudsters because users need to provide card information and their identity can be verified. This occurs when members of the dating site chargeback a legitimate transaction claiming it was not authorized or the product was not as advertised.In short, the popularity of online dating has increased steadily, especially among people in the 25-34 age group which accounts for 22% of the total number of users. Yet many banks consider online dating to be a high risk industry due to potential risk for chargebacks.Fee-based dating websites have a large pool of users who feel motivated to participate, pursue, and develop their relationships because of the investment they make when joining the site.

However, perceptions have changed considerably in the past years.

Merchants/businesses selling CBD Oil (cannabidiol) may have a hard time getting up credit card processing. If you are looking for merchant processing for your CBD or hemp oil business, please call us now at 800-930-4476. Some of these include nutraceuticals (nutra), check cashing services, travel, credit repair, adult, e Commerce businesses, subscriptions / continuity services, and more.

“High risk” can also be classified as a merchant with bad credit or a business who has been placed on the Match/TMF list or a business that’s in a highly regulated industry.

Get the payment processing you need to protect and grow your business.

Finding a partner through a dating website is increasingly common and socially acceptable.

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Electronic checks increase the lifetime value of customers to you. Meaning that recurring payments continue without interruption. It takes time, effort, and money on your part to update payment information. Fast, reliable online payments is are essential for the success of your dating website.