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All expenses for the week-long program, including tuition, room and board, and applicable local commuting to and from the Norwich University campus, field trips, and other program fees are at no cost to Gen Cyber participants.

Prior cyber experience (Cyber Patriot, past Gen Cyber camps, Ct F competitions, etc.) will be considered.

If you are hit with suspected malware and want to analyze what that malware is doing, tools such as GHIDRA would allow you to do this.” The open-sourcing of GHIDRA could allow it to be improved through community feedback and maintenance, noted, mentioning that some users have said GHIDRA was “slower and buggier than IDA.” They also pointed out that GHIDRA is not the first tool the NSA has made available for free—in fact, the agency has made 32 such projects available through the Technology Transfer Program, several of which are specifically focused on cybersecurity and can be found on the agency website or official cybersecurity Git Hub page.

(Those pages are also where GHIDRA will be available in March.) “I’m excited to see projects the NSA releases to the public.

Norwich offers a broad selection of traditional and distance-learning programs culminating in Baccalaureate and Graduate Degrees.

Previously, many professionals relied upon the paid version of IDA Pro,” Miller explained.

“Some users with experience with GHIDRA have claimed it is superior to IDA Pro.

So far, insight on GHIDRA’s performance compared to other similar tools has only been available through government employees who have had the opportunity to use it in their work.

“Ease of use, plus capability, will be deciding factors in how popular it becomes.

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Leaks of the government’s cyber information have been beneficial to criminal hackers in the recent past, with the leak of the NSA-developed Eternal Blue Microsoft exploit enabling the Wanna Cry ransomware attacks of May 2017.

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