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Foxpro server sql updating

Since MEMVAR is a Visual Fox Pro keyword, there's no way that any other back-end will recognise it.You have to construct the command using the actual field names in the table, something like this"Also, the first parameter to SQLEXEC() isn't a connection string, as per your example.I suggest you start by sorting out those issues, and then come back if it still doesn't work. lc Rev, ....) SQLEXEC(connstr, lc Exe Cmd) ENDSCAN Obviously, this isn't meant to be working code, but it should give you the general idea.Mike __________________________________ Mike Lewis (Edinburgh, Scotland) Visual Fox Pro articles, tips and downloads Reading your post again, I think I've got a clearer idea of what you want to achieve. (similarly for other fields) lc Exec Cmd = "INSERT INTO itemprojimstock (Findo, Scr Pad, Rev, ....) VALUES (? You will need to wrap the whole thing with your SQLSTRINCONNECT() and SQLDISCONNECT().

The very general approach to use VFP with an SQL Server backend is to load data as needed into updatable remote cursors, whatever this is - remote view cursors, sql passthrough generated cursors or cursoradapter generated cursors. But, you know, I wish you had mentioned at the outset that you were using a remote view, instead of talking about SQLEXEC().

It is a connection handle, which you obtain by calling SLQCONNECT().

I suggest you read up on both of the above functions in the Help before you go much further.

The command is the second parameter (the INSERT command in your example).

However, the command in question has to be one that is recognised by the back-end database.

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I created the SQL table with the exact columns and data types that the cursor has. By adding quotes, you are saying that it is a literal value, which is not what you want.