Fireplace updating

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Fireplace updating

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Gas coals are really the same thing as gas logs - an open burning fire.

Like any open burning fire it shouldn't be considered a real source of heat, but sometimes fire is really just about being convenient and gorgeous.

Electric inserts are a great option for transforming a fireplace into a source of ambiance.

We find natural cleft slate to be an ideal answer to renovating or restoring a vintage fireplace.

It's a natural material that was in use when historic homes were built so it's appropriate in many restoration projects.

A gas insert is the ideal choice to convert your fireplace into a gorgeous source of efficient heat!

Since they're installed with a dual liner system (one pipe brings outdoor combustion air down the chimney and the other pipe vents the fumes), they're ideal for putting an old fireplace back into use. While we're best known for our small models and historic styles, we do offer a great selection of choices for larger fireplaces too, as well as traditional and modern styles.

We have a gas coal option that will fit a fireplace as small as 6" deep!

A model that plugs into the wall is capable of heating about 400 square feet all on its own, or just to raise the temperature in the room while you turn down your main thermostat.

Our mission is to provide models for small coal fireplaces and/or models with a historic flair.

The problem is, over time they often crack and come loose, especially the tiles on the hearth.

We have a fabulous selection of both subway tiles and quarter tiles (one quarter of a 6x6 tile, or measuring 1-1/2" x 6").

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