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Note that this BDSM game can get pretty hardcore, so unless you’re in the mood for some real rough stuff, probably best to play something else.

I don’t want to spoil too much for you with regard to what to expect in these games, but all of the other titles I tried were fully functional and completely X-rated.

Once I’ve picked up the slut, my task is then to go and find a safe spot for us to fuck.

Park up here and then it’s a mini-game of sliding your mouse sideways to fuck the slut’s pussy while she records it on her i Phone to share on Snapchat (or whatever it is that girls do when fucked on the hood of a car these days).

The gameplay is all top-down like the original Grand Theft Auto titles, only the graphics are a little bit clearer.Bondage Brutal on BDSM Extreme is all about stunning girls who are always in the mood to spread their legs as wide as possible and get their nasty pussies drilled with large dildos. They are wearing metal devices on their heads and their nipples are made for twisting and squeezing on this super popular torture women fuck site. This site is about ROLE PLAYING FANTASY only and all content is performed by professional actors and models. It then continues on with cane spanking, hardcore fucking, titty grabbing and so on.You basically get to dictate the way that you dominate this fresh piece of schoolgirl ass – it’s quite the experience and like we’d expect, able to be played with just one hand.

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This is an adult game where a young, innocent blonde girl finds herself in a room with you, her new master.

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