Endometrial dating pathology

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Endometrial dating pathology

It is asserted that examination of the endometrium during the secretory phase yields more information about the time of ovulation, degree of progestational change, and normality of the endometrium than any other test used in sterility studies.Attention to qualitative changes in 8 morphological factors is most useful in dating the endometrial biopsy.An appreciation of the relationship between form and function is important for understanding of female reproduction.An awareness of histologic changes associated with both the normal ovulatory cycle and reproductive diseases allows the physician a better understanding of pathophysiology and potential treatment.This chapter begins with an examination of the histologic changes in the endometrium associated with a normal ovulatory cycle.This is followed by an illustrated survey of common gynecologic diseases of the reproductive organs that are most likely to present to the reproductive surgeon.However, the original reports on secretory endometrial dating recommend a biopsy 3 days before the expected menses.

When a or- 1 day error was allowed, 112 patients (38%) were found to menstruate at the time predicted.refers to the determination of how closely the histologic characteristics of the endometrium match what is expected on the corresponding day of the menstrual cycle.In the past, this approach was one of the standard tests in an investigation of causes of infertility and pregnancy loss.However, the accuracy of this test has been questioned because abnormal results can be observed in cycles that eventually prove to result in a viable pregnancy.Endometrial dating can be performed both before and after ovulation.

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