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Embo reports science online dating

More than ever before, our survival and well‐being depend on the generation of new wisdom through transdisciplinary approaches that involve the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

In the articles that follow, the experience of a broad range of professionals from these areas is brought to bear on the question of the future of our species.

Yet, in the time that it would take us to send even a small group of humans to Mars, the surface of our planet could change beyond all recognition—because of us.

We face a range of pressing biological problems that will test our ingenuity to its limits, but we also face the problem of managing our own technological progress and socio‐cultural evolution.

EMBO reports publishes short-format, original research papers that report ground-breaking advances in any aspect of molecular biology.

Subdivided into four sections, the journal also offers accessible, expert, scientific reviews, as well as essays and articles that explore how science is shaping the world and vice versa.

Papers of all areas of molecular biology will be welcome and the data presented will represent a major new insight into some aspect of molecular biology.

By the combination of these sections EMBO Reports aims to be a leading widely read interesting journal which is synonymous with high-quality primary reports of research readable stimulating timely reviews and a forum for discussions which are of direct relevance to molecular biologists.

In this way it complements the coverage to science which is provided by The EMBO Journal which has already shown the ability of EMBO to develop a journal of high quality in the area of molecular biology.

Even more remarkably, if some of these blood stem cells fail to do their part, ...

The healthy development of an embryo created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) depends on whether most, if not all, of the cells have the proper number of chromosomes.

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