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Documentbuilder setvalidating false

/** * Parse a document with validation switched off and the loading of external dtds disabled * @param resource Path The path to a resource on the classpath * @return a parsed document, without validation * @throws Exception if there was a problem parsing the file */ public static org.w3Document parse Configuration(String resource Path) throws Exception /** * Parse a file containing an XML document, into a DOM object. * @param validating True iff validating should be turned on.

IOException When the serialization failed * @throws transform. However, when I use the following code: Document Builder Factory factory = Document Builder Instance(); Validating(false); Namespace Aware(false); Document Builder builder = Document Builder(); Byte Array Input Stream xml Is = new Byte Array Input Stream(polis Bytes()); Object parse Return = builder.parse(xml Is); println("######## [" parse Class()Name() "] ######"); Document xml Doc = (Document) parse Return; the println prints: ######## [org.apache. Why do I get an Deferred Document Impl when I should get a Document? Or else: how do I create a Document from this mysterious Deferred Document Impl? My guess is that there is another class Document from a different package. * @param input The stream containing the region metadata to parse. */ public List/** * * @see org.jboss.shrinkwrap.node. Output Stream) */ @Override public void to(final Node node,final Output Stream out) throws Descriptor Export Exception /** * Replaces the given plug-in-versions in given feature.xml-File. NOTE: this file will be changed and thus must be writable * @param qualifier The new version for this feature.Node Descriptor Exporter Impl#to(org.jboss.shrinkwrap.node. If set to null, the "version"-attribute of the "feature"-tag won't be changed * @param new Bundle Versions A map containing plugin-id (String) - version (String) associations * @throws Exception */ protected void replace Versions(File feature Xml, String qualifier, String Map new Bundle Versions) throws Exception /** * Handle reading of the input (object) from the kettle repository by getting the xml from the repository attribute string and then re-hydrate the object with our already existing read method. Parser Configuration Exception When the serialization failed * @throws transform.

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The code includes XPATH for fetching dynamic filename and the copysource( in, out ) to copy the content of payload as mail attchment.