Dating scorpio male and scorpio female

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Dating scorpio male and scorpio female

It is almost guaranteed that two Scorpios can become obsessed with one another and the way they make each other feel.Upon meeting, they probably felt like it was the first time someone understood them and could empathize with their feelings so well.A Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman are not afraid to live a good life.A Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman will be close and happy together, so much so that they will enjoy spending spare weekends with each other rather than going out for parties and being social with others.It will be memorable both for your stormy arguments and your passionate make-up sessions.They will challenge, push, and pressure one another to be the best they possibly can.They both have the ability to see right through each other, down to each other’s soul.This fact either makes them either uncomfortable or very intrigued.

This is a relationship that will stand out for the rest.They both want to be number 1 in all that they do, and that includes having the number 1 relationship.If these two choose to let their positive attributes (strong intuition, empathy for those in need, passionate and determined nature, loyalty, faithfulness, and their depth of character) overcome their negative attributes, then this placement will be one of the strongest pillars for a long-lasting and joyful partnership.The more positive these two are in this relationship, the greater of a chance that it will succeed.They feed off of each other’s energy, so they should keep it upbeat and transformative.

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They share a telepathic bond, and when one of either of them are not feeling well, the other immediately senses those frustrated feelings and will do anything to make them go away.

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