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There’s a “birds of a feather” mentality to this one — if you’re in a clique with your most toxic colleagues, it’s easy for your boss to liken you to them. “It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up,” said Hurwitz.“If you are associated with the gossip, it’s going to be assumed you are spreading rumors too,” said Hurwitz, of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing. “If you’re the source of bad news about you and if you admit to your mistakes and you don’t repeat them, that’s a positive.“He had the job, was doing a good job, but was fired on the spot when his boss found out he had lied on his resume.The job didn’t require a CPA, but the boss checked to see if he had it anyway,” said Hurwitz. Most people avoid it by generally doing good work and keeping complaints about their jobs to themselves or close family. There are many things that can get you fired beyond the obvious; you don’t have to burn down the office to earn a pink slip.“If you have created a situation for yourself where there’s some level of dissatisfaction with your performance, any organization with figure out where there is an option or a point of entry where they can separate you from them,” said Roy Cohen, a New York City career coach and author of Most professional employees are “employees-at-will,” which means that they can be fired for any reason – or none at all.But a big head that’s consistently getting in the way of efficiency and teamwork is a head that will roll.

When company information is leaked or major deadlines are missed, someone will likely be fired.“When it came time for downsizing, they were at the top of the list.” You might think that hygiene habits should be a personal decision left to each staff member’s own discretion, but Cohen said that the reach of bad body odor goes beyond the cubicle around you. If you always keep your head down, never remind your boss of your accomplishments, and aren’t a familiar face to the higher-ups, you aren’t going to be remembered for what you’re worth when headcount is being shaved.“It’s not enough to just work hard, stay late, and be intelligent,” said Linda Farley, founder of Farley Training, a San Antonio-based management coaching firm. If you don’t speak up in meetings and share your ideas, you’ll be the one who doesn’t have ideas,” instead of the one who works late and meets deadlines.“Even though it wasn’t a requirement, it reflected on his character.” If you aren’t diligent with your hygiene, people probably aren’t going to go out of their way to keep you around.“I have a number of clients who are managers that have employees who were unkempt,” said Cohen. You have to be very careful, especially if you’re in a client-interfacing role.” As the old adage goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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