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Dating jonathan mckie

He subsequently left that post in 2007 to work at Bristol College and in 2008 accepted a position with the University of Bath.His new role involved him making site visits to Swindon College.A couple of weeks after he had started in this new role the University HR manager received an email from his counterpart at Swindon stating that they would not be able to accept the claimant on their premises because of safeguarding concerns.There had been no mention of these concerns in the references and no investigation (Swindon claimed because he left before that could be instigated).

He [w]as only involved in tutoring students in my area for a short time. Interestingly he observes that the students liked him. Timothy Hammond at 20 to 23, he was a Swindon colleague, effectively throughout the time that the claimant was there.over morale was quite low." The next paragraph may be of some significance as well: "[He] has a positive personality.He is not afraid to challenge but in a constructive way.It may just be worth reading out paragraph 8 at page 15 and paragraph 10 at page 16: "8. He was a good planner and set and met high standards in terms of quality.In the time I knew the Claimant, he was highly respected by me and my colleagues on the Senior Management Team. He was always highly professional in the manner in which he carried out his work, he was also very supportive to me as Manager but never afraid to present new ideas …

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