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She says her user base started with "several thousand invitations" to a list of "high-end affluent influencers" she had in her existing matchmaking database, and that there is a sizable waitlist.

Related: New Dating App Startup Aims to Be the ' Thinking Person's Tinder' Matchmaker Samantha Daniels launched her i OS app The Dating Lounge at the end of January.

"I have recreated my high-end matchmaking service on the phone," she says.

Daniels says one of the things that she think sets her venture apart from the rest is that members can "play matchmaker" for one another.

Bradford thinks that what sets The League apart from others on the market is that it presents more information right up front.

"The League combines data and social graphs from both Facebook and Linked In to offer separation between your work and personal life and much more context about a potential match…[which] allows young professionals to more easily connect on a less superficial level."The app has roughly 80,000 registered users.

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They are the people you have seen and that you would like to talk to and meet in real life once again."Every time you run into someone, say on the street or at a coffee shop, their profile pops up.

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