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It is also common to present a lei to a friend or relative who is arriving in the Islands — no matter from where or how long they have been away as a hearty welcome.

Leis are normally worn around the neck and can be made of tropical flowers (such as the fragrant tuberose or plumeria), maile (green, shiny leaves), or nuts and berries.

Aloha on the road If, in your daily driving routine you’re accustomed to blaring horns, rude drivers and merging forcefully into lines of traffic, you may find Hawaii a refreshing change (unless YOU’RE blaring your horn).

Most Island drivers practice aloha (love, the spirit of giving) on the road.

One of the most dutifully observed local rituals is the “baby lu’au,” a grand celebration staged on a child’s first birthday.

In old Hawaii it was a time to pay homage to ancestral gods with song, dance and offerings of food, a grand celebration that sometimes lasted for days.Rarely will you hear a horn or shout in traffic, and more often than not you’ll be waved into traffic or through a stop sign by a courteous fellow driver.If this happens, smile, wave or better yet flash ’em a shaka (stick your pinky finger out, and fold the rest of your fingers over…takes practice).Wearing slippers (and knowing when not to Hawaii residents are quite possibly the planet’s least concerned about what they wear on their feet.You’ll notice at the door of many Island hale (homes) a small collection (or large, depending on the size of the family) of “slippers” flip-flops, as they are called elsewhere.

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Kahu often personalize blessings with readings and chants they specifically select for the occasion.