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I'm not entering a relationship, I'm entering a family. I have a seven year old and thoroughly disagree with him meeting any guys that I date unless I'd consider the relationship going suits and we've talked about it.I'm not hiding the relationship, I'm not hiding my child, but he doesn't need to meet men going in and it if my life.I would buy you gold if I could afford it, instead all I can offer is a bro-hug...?This response just made me understand why I broke it off with a single mother I dated, or at least made me admit it to myself without feeling guilty.To have guys come in and out of my life, pretending to like me so they could get to my mom, then ignoring me when they get her.I would date a woman with a child, but I can not be a part of that child's life until we are getting serious.

Couldn't take it and for about a year I've always felt bad about it, you have cleared my conscience. No decent mother is going to date a guy her kids dont like/trust or creeped out by.

Also, do remember that your child understand a lot more then you think.

I remember the horrible times from my mothers previous relationships.

However, I would like to know of the men out there who WOULD in fact date a single mother, what sorts of things would open you up to that prospect (maybe you find independence/strength sexy?

) as well as turn you off to it (maybe she's negligent or has perpetual baby daddy issues).

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This is why having a 3 month rule is so freaking important.

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