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Dating bill taylor

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Crwth player Robert Evans has written an article on binary notation on his Bragod website.

Historical piper Barnaby Brown has articles on binary measures as a shared tradtion between string and pipe music on his Triplepipe website and also on his blog Demystifying Pibroch.

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If this is indeed a musical sequence, it is directly reminiscent of the notation found in the Robert ap Huw manuscript, giving the 24 measures of string music used by medieval Welsh harp and crwth players.

Those 24 measures are combinations of alternating sonorities, which contrast moments of tension (O) with moments of resolution (I). They are not tunes in themselves; rather, they provide combinations of varying lengths, which were employed by Welsh harp and crwth students to compose different generes of cerdd dant, or string music, in the late middle ages.

They do not give any specifics, other than indicating points of harmonic change.

Nothing tells us which pitches are to be used, which metre to use, how quickly or how loudly to play the music.

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