Dating acronyms

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Dating acronyms

“Someone listing this on their profile isn’t looking for aa committed relationship, and is likely to have you in rotation with other casual sex partners,” Spira shares. If so, BDSM may be an exciting planet that’s yet to circle in your solar system.Spira explains this stands for ‘Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism or Sadomasochism.’ Yep, it’s a long one but it’s meant to cover a vast variety of various bondage and sometimes, degrading, sexual acts. “It’s an erotic game playing that can be painful, and one needs to know the rules before agreeing to try it out,” Spira shares.

“It’s a big decision to become a Transgender, so if you meet one, respect their decision and decide if you’re game,” Spira recommends.

While simply asking for someone’s age, sex and location was enough to strike up a conversation on Insta Messenger, modern dating involves plenty of abbreviations, all designed to help you weed through endless matches.

Though in theory it’s supposed to make searching, matching and mating easier, it can be a hindrance if you’re not schooled on the latest-and-greatest lingo.

When a potential match places ‘TG’ on their profile, it stands for transgender, which means someone’s current gender is not the same as the one they were born with.

They may be at various stages of transition, and could or could not be open to talking about one.

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“Someone who posts this in their profile is looking for a kind person, has been through the ringer with bad dates, and is looking for someone who will be gentle on them, both physically and emotionally,” she explains.