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Now the place of issue is not that important but for a long time, it used to be considered as important as the name and number of Iqama.The next line on the face of your Iqama is the date of issue of card and it is written in Arabic according to the Hijri calendar.Also Read: How Saudis treat American Citizens in Saudi Arabia The religion on your residency permit card determines if you can enter the two holy cities of Saudi Arabia namely Makkah and Madina.

If you are working in some company, do not receive your card unless mistakes are rectified.You will memorize this number very soon as you will have to provide it every now and then.People often ask if there is a way to check Iqama number online with your name or passport number.Recommended: Procedure to change Name on Iqama and Driving License The second line of information contained in Iqama is your name in Arabic which is written just above the Iqama number.Make sure at the time of collection of your Iqama that your actual name is written on residency permit card in Arabic.

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Even DOB written on my card does not match with my passport.