College professors dating their students

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Last year, philosopher Neil Mc Arthur (Manitoba) published an article, “piece).

Mc Arthur acknowledges that “romances between faculty and students are minefields, both emotionally and ethically, and they should be approached with the utmost care and trepidation.” However, “such matters are far too complex for the blunt tool provided by outright prohibitions, and that such prohibitions cannot be justified” (p.138).

But it was not easy to make clear sense of the charge.

It was not as if my partners were reluctant, which they were not.

However, such relationships clearly violate widely-accepted and well-justified norms regarding conflict of interest, and there is no sufficiently compelling reason in these cases to override these norms.

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(It is unclear whether these students were ones Honderich had any supervisory role over.) I’ve reproduced the passage here not to provide an occasion for excoriating Honderich.

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