Chatland sex

Posted by / 23-Jul-2019 05:31

Swears such as hell, piss/pissed, damn, shit, ass are allowed, but please be light with your swearing.

You are not allowed to swear at anyone either, so please keep that in mind!

The only reason we ask you do NOT link to other Chatlands in public rooms, as it is rude to the site's owner and admins, as well as in bad taste.

Bans can be as short as 12 hours or as long as forever depending on your behavior and counting strikes.

We typically go by the 3-strikes rule, but some special people manage to earn permanent bans on their first or second try.

Begging in the public rooms and/or continuous and repeated solicitation is a type of harassment and could get you kicked from the chat.

Additionally, we welcome link sharing to other Chatland sites to explore and of course, chat.

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