Bsd update and kernel source updating

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Bsd update and kernel source updating

There is no attempt to analyze the reasons - it just works.But one is left with that vaguely uncomfortable feeling that if anything goes wrong the only solution will be a panicky google search and a lot of hope. As a minimum you should back up /etc and if it's a web server /usr/local/www (or wherever you keep your webs) and then anything else that is unique to this system (check-list).# ls /usr/src COPYRIGHT README etc/ libexec/ sys/ LOCKS UPDATING games/ release/ tests/ MAINTAINERS bin/ gnu/ rescue/ tools/ Makefile cddl/ include/ sbin/ usr.bin/ Makefile.inc1 contrib/ kerberos5/ secure/ usr.sbin/ Obsolete crypto/ lib/ share/ # Replace CPU with i382, amd64, or ia64, depending on your compile system # Replace VERSION with the latest release version wget wget Unpack the archive to /usr/src: tar --unlink -xp Jf -C / # Kernel for a i386-based Soekris machine with ZFS include GENERIC options CPU_SOEKRIS # Allow ZFS crash on i386 CPU, by adjusting KSTACK_PAGES # See /usr/src/UPDATING entry 20121223 options KSTACK_PAGES=4 # Allow more kernel space # options KVA_PAGES=320 Note: in case you don't want to compile the kernel, but also the rest of the system (ports, ) then follow the instructions at: https:// Free BSD, the term “world” includes the kernel, core system binaries, libraries, programming files, and built-in compiler.To build a kernel If you are updating from a prior version of Free BSD (even one just a few days old), you should follow this procedure.Binary updates (freebsd-update) are supported for this branch only since this constitutes the so called security branch after installation.

This survival guide was written because we suspect we are not alone and besides, the down-side of the 'slothful' maintenance theory is we are not constantly doing stuff and so forget....a lot....frequently.While the Free BSD Handbook is generally a terrific resource - always check it first - but it can either make assumptions about background knowlege or it keeps things as simple as possible to minimize errors. We check the security advisories, nod sagely when we read 'em, and using the new automated tools (portsnap and freebsd-update) we keep our systems updated.As we all know Free BSD, like Perl, provides at least 8,000 ways to do the same thing. And occasionally even upgrade the ports we have installed. A major version upgrade only when it gets to a minimum of x.1.A specific, frozen-in-time, release of Free BSD, for example, 9.1.Resides under the /release branch and has a major, minor and third level (normally 0) version number, for example, (see here).

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Development branch for current release and is used as the base from which subsequent releases for each major version are generated.

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