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Greg Lee's "Rick" character is similar to Rogan's "Joe" character, and Ella Joyce plays "Catherine".

Catherine's last name is not revealed in this episode.

Lisa tries to find another job, giving a screen test interviewing Anthrax for MTV. James begins his search for a wife using business tactics, starting with a list of 36 women. Guest stars Anthrax, and Natalia Nogulich as Melanie Sanders. James buys sports cars for everyone on the staff except for Matthew, who gets tapes.

Bill thinks that the Santa Claus down in the lobby is stalking him. Recurring characters Tone Lōc as Lorenzo, and Toby Huss as Junior.

Although Joe tinkers with the reactor, his repairs (hitting it numerous times with a pair of pliers and then pulling out a circuit board) fail to produce the desired effect, and he announces that the whole station will blow up unless everyone (save for two people) goes into suspended animation pods for 50 years so they can shut the station down and wait for help.

The crew, with the exception of Bill (who is paranoid that someone else will wind up making just as much money when he wakes up) and Matthew (who tells his android girlfriend to take his place—even though, as she tries to point out, she doesn't need oxygen or food to survive) get into the pods.

Ray Romano was originally slated to play the "Electrician" character, but both Romano and the show's producers mutually agreed that he was not a good fit for the show.

Matthew receives a meaningless promotion and his efforts to organize the station are sabotaged by Bill.

Wisconsin native Dave Nelson arrives in New York to start his new job as the News Director at WNYX. Guest stars Kurt Fuller as Ed Harlow, Greg Lee as Rick, Wallace Langham as Jeff, Beau Billingslea as The Security Guard, and Ella Joyce as Catherine Duke.

Neither Joe Rogan nor Khandi Alexander appear in the pilot.

Bill and Catherine read ads ("Soylent Green, made from the best stuff on Earth: people") and news from the future.

Meanwhile, Joe is thawed out after more than 80 years of suspended animation to fix the reactor for the station.

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