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Barty chat online hot

It was just then that Barty thought he saw a little black head dart out of the long gra.s.s and then dart back again."Did you see anything near that big leaf?

" he asked his companion."No," answered the Good Wolf."I thought I saw something, but perhaps I didn't," Barty said.

" the Good Wolf managed to ask before the wind blew his breath away.[Ill.u.s.tration: "It is getting worse," gasped the Good Wolf]"N-no-not yet," Barty managed to shout back, almost without any breath at all.

"I s-_said_ a desert island.""Y-y-you are a j-jolly little ch-chap!

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" Barty panted as he ran."No, they won't," answered the Good Wolf, "but the wind may blow us off the cliffs into the water.""I don't see any house anywhere," said Barty."Neither do I," said the Good Wolf.

"You don't find houses on desert islands; you have to build them."Barty's stout little legs were flying over the ground faster than they had ever flown before, and he was in such a hurry he could scarcely find breath to speak, but he gave a little gasping laugh."There isn't much time to build one now," he said. How they did run--over the gra.s.s and up the slopes and down the hollows and over the green gullies!

Enjoy "If we stay on the cliffs the mountain waves won't dash up that high, will they?

As soon as he could get breath again the Good Wolf sat up and scratched behind his ear _very_ seriously."What has happened? "It seems as if the wind had stopped all at once.""I'm afraid it hasn't stopped for long," the Good Wolf answered.

"I don't like the look of this at all."A big drop fell on Barty's nose and made him jump."That was a 'mense drop of rain!

"Let us go and look at the hole.""Chat-chat-chattery, chattery-chatterdy," said the black monkey, as if he were telling them to come.

They went to look, and as they drew near it the monkey kept darting in and out and chattering all the time. You can use the follow function to bookmark your favorite novel ( Only for registered users ). It's great if you read and follow any novel on our website.

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" he cried out; "and it felt as heavy as a stone.""That's what I don't like," the Good Wolf said.

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