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Anri du toit dating with

Her father was born on 26 September 1974; they met in Cape Town and were joined together by music.Her parents are still very active in the music industry – mother is also known for her provocative dressing and earned the appellate of a Fashionista; it is her sense of fashion that Sixteen follows most passionately!

Sixteen Jones is more of what her parents are, and enjoying the large following from admirers.Yolandi Visser’s daughter is an actress, model and songwriter, perhaps best known for her work in “Die Antwoord: Ugly Boy” (2014) and “Tommy Can’t Sleep” (2017).Life is all about discovering what makes you happy and cool; this is precisely how Yolandi and Ninja choose to leave their lives that resulted in a child star called Sixteen Jones.These unconventional couples are in the news despite their efforts to stay out of the public’s prying eyes.For their daughter, her life has been primarily influenced by her parent’s success in the showbiz arena, and no wonder many fans are eager to know more about her and her lifestyle.

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