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I said "but I could never do it" and she said "why not? I dropped it because she hasn't been receptive in the past, but I should have said "only if you were comfortable with it and totally into it." She's been very stressed lately, so I'm waiting for the right opportunity to bring it back up.

I've brought up my fantasy with her during mutual masturbation several times, but the last time she was more receptive than ever before.

Should we all find somewhere else to go where the environment is truly accepting and welcoming?

When we are treated as if our opinions are irrelevant, useless, unnecessary or just plain nonsense we start to wonder why we are even still here.

Thanks for your consideration and participation, ladies.

So many of us admire and adore you for being yourselves.

You mention a MMF fantasy, so is she comfortable with you interacting with another man sexually?

Or did you mean to say MFM, where all the focus is on her?


To all hotwives, As a true hotwife lover and a traveler with many experiences behind me, allow me to ask a question that has nagged at me for a while now.